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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

When it comes to choosing a Best Practices and Business Development consulting firm, Sixty-Revolutions stands out as a top choice for several compelling reasons.

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Our Founder

First and foremost, the foundation of Sixty-Revolutions LLC is rooted in extensive experience. Wendell M. Davis, the founder of the firm, brings an impressive background to the table. With 33 years of executive experience in local government and a distinguished career in higher education as an executive officer and educator, Davis possesses a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that governments, businesses and education face. This rich experience allows him to offer unique insights and practical solutions to his clients, making Sixty-Revolutions an ideal partner for organizations seeking to thrive and grow. Sixty-Revolutions integrates cutting edge technology solutions with its best practices and business development consulting and holds numerous technology as well as state and national certifications. Wendell M. Davis has been an award winning leader throughout his career.

Wendell M. Davis, MBA, MUP

Managing Principal, Sixty-Revolutions LLC

Life Member ICMA & NCCCMA

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Our Name

The name "Sixty-Revolutions" itself carries significance, reflecting Davis's own journey. Upon the founding of the firm, Davis had made 60 revolutions around the sun, symbolizing his wealth of wisdom and knowledge accumulated over the years. This name serves as a testament to the expertise and maturity that Sixty-Revolutions brings to the table.


Our Differentiator

One of the key differentiators of Sixty-Revolutions is its commitment to providing tailored solutions. Every organizational enterprise is unique, and Sixty-Revolutions recognizes this fact. Rather than offering generic advice, the firm takes a personalized approach, dedicating time to thoroughly analyze each client's specific needs and challenges. This attention to detail ensures that clients receive customized strategies and recommendations that address their unique circumstances. By partnering with Sixty-Revolutions, organizations can expect practical and effective guidance that is specifically tailored to their individual goals and objectives.

Our Pride


Furthermore, Sixty-Revolutions prides itself on its commitment to excellence and integrity. The firm values building long-term relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect. Their team of consultants not only possesses exceptional skills and knowledge but also operates with the highest ethical standards. Clients can trust that they will receive honest and transparent advice, ensuring that their best interests are always at the forefront.

Our Drive


In conclusion, choosing Sixty-Revolutions for Best Practices and Business Development consulting is a wise decision. With Wendell M. Davis's extensive experience, the firm's commitment to tailored solutions, and their dedication to excellence and integrity, clients can be confident that they are partnering with a consulting firm that understands their unique challenges and is equipped to guide them towards success. Sixty-Revolutions is a trusted ally in the journey towards business growth and development.


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Get to Know Us

Our Story at Sixty-Revolutions is rooted in the extensive experience and expertise of our founder, Wendell M. Davis. After a successful career spanning over 33 years in local government and higher education, Davis recognized the need for effective problem-solving and improvement strategies in both the public and private sector organizations.


Throughout his career, Davis encountered and successfully tackled a wide range of complex issues, from natural disasters to foreign cyber-attacks on his organization, to a global pandemic, to social unrest and economic downturns. During these tragic events, Davis developed an innate understanding of the inextricable and collaborative relationships necessary for successful communities. Those relationships were non-other than government, business and education working in tandem for good. All throughout his career, Davis managed through tough financial situations, balancing budgets with oftentimes very limited resources while moving the needle on the “Big Rocks” like workforce development, affordable housing, economic development, poverty and crime reduction and capital planning to name a few. He became well-versed in utilizing performance metrics for data driven decisions-making, building strategic and tactical plans and employing sophisticated financing instruments and results-based budgeting while simultaneously navigating the intricacies of political discourse.


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